Admiral 2-Star 30" Composite Lacrosse Shaft

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The Adrenaline Lacrosse Admiral 2-Star Composite Lacrosse Shaft was meticulously engineered and rigorously field tested by our athletes for 3 years prior to its release. The Admiral is the top of the line in lacrosse shafts. Manufactured in the top composite factory in the world, this shaft is designed for the perfect balance of durability and performance. Ideal for top level lacrosse players who prefer the feel and flex performance characteristics of a composite shaft. The Admiral has a stiffer flex profile for better snap on high velocity shots. Since our shafts are only sold direct to the customer, we can offer an unbelievable price point that no other manufacturer can match.
  • Weight: 145g
  • Stiffer flex for elite level shot speed.
  • Mild sand finish for built in grip characteristics.
  • Exclusive direct to consumer distribution allows for unmatched prices.
  • Manufactured in the top composite factory in the world.
  • Beat out all other composite shafts in drop test.
  • Fully customizable (4 week turn time, 20 piece min).
  • 12 Month Warranty.
Available Colors:
  • Black, Custom