Adrenaline Floater 2.0 Sweatpants
Adrenaline Floater 2.0 Sweatpants
Adrenaline Floater 2.0 Sweatpants

Adrenaline Floater 2.0 Sweatpants

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The Floater pant is our take on the extremely popular joggers you see on guys like Kyle Harrison, Peter Baum, and Joe Walters. We gave these guys prototypes to test and it's no secret why they wear them any chance they get. They're extremely comfortable, lightweight, and offer a modern look all while being one of the most functional sweatpants on the market. Our 2.0 update features even deeper pockets to secure your valuables. The understated Adrln logo on the left pocket is icing on the cake for what will likely be our most popular product in the entire line. The 100% 4-way stretch heathered jerseyface poly is lightweight, warm, and unbelievably comfortable.
  • Streamlined athletic cut has a modern fit that is turning the world of sweatpants upside down - for the better.
  • The elongated folded rib cuff at the ankle line provides a snug fit that will never drag on the ground or get caught in your cleats.
  • The waistline is thin and soft, creating the floating effect that makes this product so comfortable.
Fabric and Features:
  • 100% 4-way stretched heathered jerseyface performance poly.
  • 275g moisture wicking is a match made in heaven for lacrosse players.
  • Brushed inner for unmatched Adrenaline comfort.
  • 95 polyblend 2x1 folded comfort rib around ankle line.
  • AdrenaFloat waistband with Adrln drawstring.
  • Adrln logo beneath left front pocket.
  • 2x reinforced embroidered grommet holes secure drawstring.
  • Tagless branding for zero friction.

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